Preferred Title Agency Partner

Members Title Agency

Members Title Agency Preferred Title Insurance Partner

Members Title Agency provides a wide range of insurance and closing services to expedite both commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our agency has the staff to help, the experience to do it right, and the commitment to satisfy your title insurance needs.

Our Services Include:
Owner’s, Lender's & Leasehold Policies
Condominium and Co-op Unit Policies
Title Searches
Survey ordering & Loan Document Preparation
Title and Document Review, Closing and Escrow Services, Recording Services

At Members Title Agency, our professional staff orchestrates your closing from start to finish, bringing together buyers and sellers and their real estate agents.  We research the title ensuring there are no property liens, we pay the seller and their lender, obtain funds from the buyer and new lender, obtain recording fees and taxes for the government, and file the necessary paperwork at the local courthouse.
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